Case Studies

Case Study 1
Customer Service Training for Call Center Staff

Customer Objectives

We received a call from one of our clients concerning customer service training and our temporary staff. The client, a call center, believed that our staff could benefit from customer service training based on the real world scenarios and issues faced while answering consumer phone calls. Although Diversity Search Group ensures that our temporary staff members are adequately trained for their positions, in some cases, the client requires a set of specialized skills that are realized only after the first day of hire.

Customer Service Training Solution

To meet the skill demands of our client, Diversity Search Group devised a plan to ensure that our staff was properly trained to handle the volume and issues of the call center. In conjunction with our client, a skills integration timeline was established, which included a customer service training component that addressed the needed skills.


Using the scenarios and situations outlined by the client, Diversity Search Group retrained the staff to effectively and efficiently handle incoming calls to the call center.

After the retraining, Diversity Search Group remained in contact with the client to ensure that the training was adequate and that no additional training was needed. In addition to resolving the customer service training issue, Diversity Search Group was able to use the information gathered to reformulate its own customer service training program to meet the needs of other client call centers.

Case Study 2
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Case Study 3
Listening to the Client to Get The Right Fit for the Candidate and Client